Love for home country never ends

There are different kinds of love. Love for your parents, love for friends and love for religion but the most strongest love is the love for nation and country. The country where you born, get education, grow up with siblings and spent your countless memories. All these automatically fill your heart with love for your country. But apart from all these reasons a person also loves his country because its the homeland of his ancestors, who worked hard for its protection and prosperity, the land which give them name and the reason for living.

Many years ago, people went out of cities to do business and to earn money. Then later people started going overseas for earning livelihood. There are thousands of examples of people who went abroad, spend their whole life there, get every luxury in life like money and fame but they never feel love for that country which give them all this. They never feel the smell of that country’s soil as sweet like theirs. Beside everything they get which people envy, their love for their country never get covered by all this.

Immigrants, Specially Pakistani, Indians and Bangladeshis have to face many hurdles in abroad. First of all, They live in abroad with a fear of getting deported all the time. They don’t have all the rights like they did back in their country.  Pressure of family desires (Phones, Laptops) also play a very bad role in their life. For these they have to work more harder and give more time.

Furthermore, Not long ago People of Syria were applying for migration to U.S.A because of worse situation of their country but after leaving their beloved country what problems they faced were no less then hell. There were many states in U.S.A who refused resettlement of Syrian refuges.


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Nobody can know the worth of homeland more than these refuges. All in all a person can’t forget his roots no matter wherever he goes. The love for his country always remains in his heart and this feeling of love with his country gives comfort to his soul. And in the end the happiness we see on person face when he returned to his homeland cannot be dignified with words.