List Of Aircrafts In Service With The Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Air-force is tasked primarily with the aerial defence of Pakistan.The PAF employs approximately 65,000 full time personnel and currently operates 1,032 aircraft’s.Since its establishment in 1947,the PAF has been involved in various combat operations,providing aerial support to Inter-services operations and relief efforts.

Here is a small list of the current aircraft’s that PAF possesses:-

F-16 (Fighting Falcon)

A multi-role ( it plays a dual role of being a combat as well as a fighter aircraft) jet introduced in 1983.It is the second most common currently operational military aircraft in the world.


JF 17 (Thunder)

This is also a multirole and was introduced in 2007.PAF plans to induct a total of 250 JF-17s.The Pakistan Air Force plans to induct a twin-seater version for both enhanced operational capability and training, known as the JF-17B by 2017.

This was the recent sighting of JF17 in Karachi on 23rd March ,where the PAK army had organised an airshow on Pakistan resolution day.

Mirage 5

The Dassault Mirage 5 is a supersonic attack aircraft designed in France.It was introduced in 1973, having several variants typically with extensive upgrades.All Mirage 5s are planned to be replaced by JF-17s by 2025.

 This again was during the air show held in Karachi on 23rd March