The Legless Woman In This Photo Surprises The Web

The Photo With The Legless Woman


This Christmas, a photograph of six ladies posted on Reddit astounded the web. This photograph is of a gathering of  six women sitting on a lounge chair.

The Legless Woman In This Photo Surprises The Web


At first look, everything in this photo seems so typical of friendship photos: beaming faces, enchanting smiles, the spirit of togetherness. It’s only a standard old girls’ gathering at the home of a companion. No issues.


you look closer and count the number of faces and the number of legs.

The third lady from the left seems to have no legs!!!


Explanations, explanations!

Most individuals could just discover five sets of legs, yet there are six grinning faces in the photograph. As soon as this photo was put up on social media, people were astonished and several suggestions were given to explain this strange photo. Many individuals opined that one leg of the lady was hung over the companion to one side and one leg tucked under the lady on her right side. Others suggested that the lady was sitting on top of her own feet, concealing the base a portion of her legs from perspective of the camera. One individual even commented that the lady was just a “lounge chair ghost.”

The legless lady in the photo, Anna Mantifel, was bewildered by her absence of legs as well. Mantifel, who plainly has two legs in real, told Fox and Friends, “When the photo was later posted on Facebook I remarked, saying, ‘This is so irregular. Where are my legs?'”


Where Are The Woman’s Legs Really?

So what’s really happening here? Our innocent eyes are only being deceived by an optical illusion. The lady to the left most, lets call her X, is wearing dark pants and she is sitting crossed legged, hindering legs of Y (the girl seated on the right side of Anna). Y  is likewise wearing dark pants, yet hers are tore at the knee, which can be seen crossing above X’s legs.

For a more visual explanation, you can see this:

Anna Mantifel


Over the past few years, several other images have stormed the internet which are seemingly innocent but are real mind boggling optical illusions. Here are some more:


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The Legless Woman In This Photo Surprises The Web


All these are merely optical illusions deceiving the mind like magic