Leaked Phone Call Between Nawaz Sharif And Donald Trump Creates Uproar In US Media

A few days ago the president elect of United States called Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Shharif on phone and according to Pakistani media Donald Trump showered the Pakistani PM with lavish praises saying Pakistan is a fantastic country of fantastic people. His actual words are posted in this image:

This praises drew reactions on the social media




Meanwhile the US media was angry at Pakistan for leaking out a confidential diplomatic phone call like that.

According to their media the president shared vows of cooperation with Pakistan and that’s it. There were no exceptional flowery words of praise for the Pakistanis.

We all know what an exaggerator Pakistani Media is so Pendu Production created their own version of this story

Mr Donald Trump’s Phone Call


His words with Mr. PM



His reaction when he found out the calls were recorded and leaked out!