Lahori Girl Becomes Target of Internet Meme

Recently a short video has become viral on the internet. This video featured a group of girls from Lahore being interviewed by a local news channel about their trip to Murree.

In the video, a group of girls from Aspire College were interviewed on Murree’s “Maal Road” sharing their experiences with the interviewer. Filled with enthusiasm these young girls were thankful to their college for arranging the trip.

Upon being asked, they said: “This was a fun trip and they are thankful to their teachers for accommodating them”

However little did they know, soon they were to become victims of an internet meme. Lahoris have always been a source of amusement for their accent, and the same happened with this girl in the video.

A recent comment from one of her friends is now going viral on the internet too:

The entire team of Pendu Production is against such immature act and that is the reason we refrained from making any such memes regarding this story.

This girl was humiliated for being too excited and saying something harmless. We really need to understand that how an act of amusement for us, can cause serious damage to a person and their well-being.  Let’s use the internet to spread positivity and love, rather than embarrassing people for who they are.

We wish this young lady a boost of confidence and hope she overcomes her fears soon.