Karachi Eat Festival and Their Secret Agenda against Men

The annual Karachi Eat Festival began yesterday and it seems like it experienced Friday the 13th curse. All the foodies out there waited for the biggest food festival but received quite a shock as the bought the tickets.

This year the management decided to implement a ‘Families Only’ policy, which triggered the raging bulls in some men.

Here are the thoughts of some really pissed off individuals:

This guy thinks it is again one of the Gormint’s conspiracy.

Whereas, this believes the management has a secret agenda against men.

This lady here was convinced it was either the rain or Friday the 13th on its own.

And this lady here had a very savage comment against the Families Only policy.

While some people contradicted the policy, there were also few who completely agreed with this rule.

And then there was this guy who was not defending other guys.