The beautiful indian  Ayesha Takia was being a hot discussion topic recently.Ayesha Takia who almost disapperaed from the big screen post her marriage to Farhan Azmi,is now back in news.She was last seen in 2013s  “APP KE LIYE HUM”.Ayesha  recently posted few of her pictures on Instagram Account and we had to literally check and recheck almost 20 times to confirm if the pictures actually belonged to this actress.The  reason behind this shocking transformation is the Lip Enhancement Surgery which unfortunately went wrong and the actress is almost unrecognizable now.Bollywood and cosmetic surgeries go hand in hand.Many actresses have opted for this either to enhance a particular feature or to get rid of something which they do not want.

Ayesha is one of those actresses who are known for their sweet and bubbly smile but Yass!! Thanks to the surgery which has taken away her  innocence and she does not looks as beautiful as her fans wants to see her.

The actress who went under the knife of a Lip Enhancement surgery has infact resulted in a huge setback for her.Ayesha’s fans might not be able to recognize her with those swollen looking lips .We dont know her  reason for opting for the surgery but it seems like she is set to hit the big screen once again.Lets see if Ayesha comes up with a satisfactory statement on why she chose this way out or is she actually happy with her new look.Lets have a look at some of her latest snaps.