Why Did The Indian Media Tried To Sabotage Nawaz Sharifs Speech Made At The UN?

Pakistans prime minister Nawaz Sharif delivered a speech at the 71st session of the UN General Assembly on wednesday in which he tried to cover various topics in a span of very less time.No doubt that it was seemingly clear that the prime minsiter had been a bit under pressure due to the corruption allegations that had recently been propagated against his family.Despite that he was confidently able to put forward the agenda which all the international communities collectively need to work upon.However the indian medias response was contrary to what Pakistani nation thought about the speech.

Lets read as to why indian media felt insecure after the speech given by Nawaz Sharif.

His stance on Kashmir issue was widely praised:

He pointed out that without a mutual talk betweent the two countries it will be very difficult to resolve the Kashmir dispute and that the ultimate descision reached will be through dialogue and not war,though people expected him to be more stern on his stance on the Kashmir issue specially after the human right violation in Kashmir by the indian army.

He stated the success of Zarb-e-Azb operation:

He mentioned that we will not allow externally sponsored terrorism and threats of de-stabilization to cause turbulence in Pakistan further adding that our comprehensive strategy of law-enforcement and targeted  military operations has produced remarkable results,enabling Pakistan to turn the tide against terrorism.One of the milestone operastions in Pakistan called Zarb-e-Azb is the largest, most robust and most successful anti-terrorism campaign anywhere in the world, deploying 200,000 of our security forces.

First time in the UN name of Burhan Wani was taken:

Nawaz mentioned in his address how the indian army has ill-legally occupied Kashmir.The repression was further confirmed by the murder of a young leader Burhan Wani by the indian forces which was followed by an uprising in the Kashmiris young generation who now demands freedom and the right to self security.

Hatred inculcated by the indian media.

Hatred inculcated by the indian media.

UN committee was demanded to examine the brutalities perpetrated by the indian forces:

Prime minister on talking behalf of the Kashmiri people demanded an independent inquiry into the extra-judicial killings.Kashmiris whose innocent lives had been taken,who were blinded by the short gun pellets have all the right to a peaceful demonstration,and that urgent medical help should be provided for the injured.He further called upon all the states concerned to immediately end their occupation and “all acts of repression.

Indian media claims his speech to be a complete lie which nawaz sharif has addressed in front of the world and  says that it was inpired by the talks of Hafiz saeed. But in fact Nawaz Sharif  was able to potray a positive of image of Pakistan by mentioning that we are a peace loving nation who despite their own security requirements will try to contribute and maintain their record of success in multiple UN peace keeping operations.