This Indian Girl Married A Sofa And The Internet Is Going Crazy Over it

Bizzare weddings have now become a common thing in the world. but it’s not everyday we get an invite for a wedding in our imbox. And not just any ordinary wedding, let us introduce you to the wedding of the century.

This Indian girl, Priya is getting married to a Sofa! Funny isn’t it ? Wait till you see how these people reacted over the absurd wedding.

This #ForeverAlone guy

The Typical Desi Mom

The Jealous Friend

An advice from 

It turns out that this was a strategical campigan by a furniture company-Rentomojo. The idea behind this comic advertisment was to show the relationship between a customer and their furniture.

Whe you purchase a piece of furniture you make a lifelong loyal commitment to it, just in a wedding.

The brand took this advertisment to another level with an actual wedding photoshoot and its quite hilarious.

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Its great to see marketers going this far with their strategies to promote a product. Loyal relationships are hard to find, why not just commit to a piece of furniture.