Hysterical Punjabi Phrases That Are Fun To Use In Daily Conversations.

We all love  punjabi !!Pakistan is linguistically diverse country,and punjabi is only  one of many languages that can be found in the country.It is the gleeful and unique language spoken in Pakistan.Punjabi boasts a rich literary history that is still celebrated by the punjabi-language community today.Modern punjabi is a very tonal language,making use of various tones to diffrentiate words that would otherwise be identical.People often mix punjabi with urdu and english.For non-punjabi speakers,the accent and phrases may sound hilarious.Even punjabi speakers cannot argue that some words or phrases said in punjabi are just more fun compared to when they are said in other dialects.

Here are few punjabi phrases we should all incorporate in our daily conversations,would make boring in sluggish talks alot more lively and fun.

Moobail & miss callan instead of Mobile & Miss calls.





Admit it,its just not fun calling biscuit ……biskut is much more fun


When Someone Says Stupid You Can Just Say…CHAWALAN NA MAAR

WHEN YOU LIKE SOMEONE ,PRAISE THEM LIKE THIS-Maa Sadqay jai kinni sohni ain tu.

When someone messes around…so here you go with the reply KARAN TERAY TOTAY.


Every kid once in his/her life must have experienced Maan ka Chittar

Youre a true punjabi,when you gossip about someone for hours and end it by saying “Chalo Sanu Ki”

When you want to end a dispute.

Next time you want to say someone go to hell…try Durr FITTEH MUH