Hunain Zia- Wonder Boy who Scored 42 As in O/A Levels

Obtaining good education in Pakistan has become a question mark. According to some Expensive international schools is the answer while other believe that the country is lacking ts basic demand of education. In all that chaos we find one student, Hunain Zia who achieved 42 As in O/A level and IGCSE altogether.

following in the footsteps of Ali Moeen Nawazish and Haroon Tariq, who are also great achievers, Hunain comes with a great aim in his mind to inspire the youth of Pakistan. He plans on making education free in Pakistan.

A very enthusiastic Hunanin says, ” I am planning to achieve 100 As in secondary and advanced qualifications. the only reason is to establish free education and for that purpose, I have also created a Facebook page .

Here I provide free lectures. Helping as many students as possible giving me immense pleasure. And making another record will help me gain recognition for my purpose.

In the first session, I attempted 30 subjects, that leads to 70 different exams. At times I was giving exams for 18 straight hours. However, all this struggle doesn’t matter if I don’t achieve my real goal.

Thoe journey was not easy at all. Hunain had to face criticism from his peers as well.

He belongs to a lower middle-class family and feels proud because all he wanted was to prove the haters wrong and move one step forward to his goal.

It takes a lot of hard-work and determination. There were times when I was ridiculed for my choices and felt like giving up but my faith in Allah always kept me from losing hope.