We are Hindus-And Proud Pakistanis

Pakistan is a nation created by the blood and sweat of many people, people from different religions, and nationalities. We are home to people from every corner of the world. Among them, one of our closest friends and brothers are the Hindus living in Pakistan. 

  • There are approximately 2 million Hindus living in Pakistan
  • about 90% of them reside in the province of Sindh
  • There are Hindu temples all over the country and we have the freedom to worship.
  • We are mostly in the form of Panchayet.


The Hindus in Pakistan are culturally free. They can wear whatever they want, eat whatever they want and celebrate their festivals how they want. They have the freedom to worship and are treated with equality and love just like the others.

We Hindus in Pakistan are treated with great respect. Our Muslim brothers are very understanding towards our culture and it creates a sense of harmony among us all.

Just like we respect the month of Ramadan, they respect our traditions too. Never have I ever felt an outsider among my friends.

In fact, they get very curious about the festivals, like Diwali and Holi and many of them actually join us in the celebrations.

Our grandparents were immigrants, and sine then we’ve stayed in Pakistan. This country is our homeland. Our loyalty and love to our mother nation will never be a question of doubt.