Hershey sends Kit Kat Theft Victim 6,500 Candy Bars.

Hunter Jobbins,19 year old freshman at Kansas State University is all smiles in his car filled with nearly 6,500 Kit Kat bars on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016, in Manhattan, Kansas. Earlier this week, Jobbins had a Kit Kat bar stolen from his unlocked car and a mysterious note was left from the thief.

Earlier this week ,Kansas State University  student Hunter Jobbins was shocked to return to his car and find his Kit-Kat candy bar had been stolen by a hungry thief who left him a handwritten apology.The note was scrawled on a napkin and read :“Saw your kit-kat in your cupholder.I love Kit-Kats so i checked your door and it was unlocked.Did not take anything other than the Kit-Kat.Im sorry and hungry”

After the story went viral ,Kit Kat promised Jobbins that they would send him a replacement candy bar,telling him on twitter:



And they did just that,infact Kit-Kat’s parent company Hersheys sent Jobbins several boxes of Kit-Kats to share with his friends around the campus.

But it did’nt end there.On Thursday afternoon,hershey sent Jobbins a delivery of 6,500 Kit-Kat bars .which were then stacked inside Jobbins Toyota Camry and driven to his College Campus.