The hero Raheel Sharif- Most loved Army Chief in the History of Pakistan

Nothing is constant; life is a name of change. People come in your life and they go, but only few leave a mark on your hearts. The world has seen many great leaders in all parts of the universe but the most popular yet charismatic leader Pakistan ever witnessed is none other than our Army Chief, Raheel Sharif.

Raheel Sharif, A leader who not only has influence in his own country but on the world as well. His compassion, charisma and love for doing well for his people make him so vulnerable and likable.

General Raheel Sharif was born on 16 June 1956; he is a four-star rank army general, currently serving as the 15th Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army. General Raheel Sharif was born in Quetta. He belongs to a Rajput family from Gujrat. He has a prominent military background with a father and two brothers who served in Army as according to the information given on Wikipedia.

Lately our social media gone head over heels for the extension of Army chief and many cities were loaded with the billboards of Army chief labeling that he shouldn’t go and thanking him for his contributions for the country.

Moreover, #ThankyouRaheelSharif became the most common hash tag on social media. This clearly shows the love and respect people hold in their hearts for the Army Chief.