Here’s all you need to know about Abid the Baloch Rapper

Born and raised in Sibbi, Balochistan, Abid cannot read or write but is very street smart and has the potential to be the next Eminem. Served as a tea vendor all his life, this young artist has a marvelous talent and a very bright future ahead.

Beginning of a Journey

Abid is a born entertainer. He works as an errand boy at the Sibbi mela, performing in front of people and serving them tea and snacks. The locals of Sibbi often asked him to perform on stage, especially the Shaddis from where he actually got discovered. A well known camera crew were amazed how talented Abid was and how well he performed on the stage. They say “This guy owns the stage with his rap, his expressions and the gestures”

Later Abid was invited to Lahore by a well-known music director. With a head held high and dreams in his eyes, Abid went to Lahore later finding out that the producer cannot be reached. This incident left Abid distraught and shattered.

The real credit goes to Patari. Patari is a platform that discovers and polishes new talent. After hearing Abid’s demo they instantly agreed to sign him over and agreed to bear all expenses for The Sibbi Song.

Abid is an amateur singer gaining his inspiration from Bohemia. He is still not sure about his genre and style of music; however, with a little counseling and training he can go a long way.