This is what happened to the star cast of the block buster serial of 90s era-Ainak Wala Jin

The famous and much applaud drama serial of 1993 was a Pakistani children television series that broadcasted from PTV Lahore center.The drama was aired twice on public demand ,so much so that the late former prime minister Shaheed Benazir Bhutto requested an increment in the number of episodes of this fictional play for her off springs. Your childhood memories are incomplete without the association with “Ainak Wala Jin” if you have been the kid from the 90s era.

Zakuta (Munna Lahori)

The 63 year old Zakuta winning the hearts of many with his tagline “Zaimeeeeena” and“Mujhe Kaam Batao, Main Kia Keroon, Main Kisko Khaoon” now resides in the outskirts of the city Lahore and is living a life of misery,agony and pain.Since the last couple of years the actor has been suffering from partial paralysis and appeals for the basic amenities of life from the government for serving his country for 40 years.

Bil Batori (Nusrat Aara)

While talking to the famous news channel this is what Nusrat Aara had to say,that she is living a miserable life where no one even bothers to visit her now.She appeals Bilawal Bhutto who was once her die hard viewer to provide her with financial assistance.

Nastoor Jin (Shehzad Qaiser)

The famous character Nastoor Jin who used to take children out of trouble in the drama was caught up in trouble himself as he remained unemployed for 15 years after the success of this block buster drama.He lived his last days in poverty and passed away in Lahore in 2013.

Hamoon Jadoogar (Haseeb Pasha)

Haseeb Pasha is an actor, known for Ainak Wala Jin (1993).He played a role of villian magician and is renowned for tagline “Ullu ullu hello ullu ullu hello, assi char sau bees, assi nau dou giyara”.Haseeb currently resides in Lahore and is giving his services for promoting performing arts in Pakistan.


Samri Judugar(Ghayyur Akhtar):

One of the famous characters from the play Samri Jadugar departed from this world at the age of 68  on February 7th 2014.His work will always be remembered.