The Great Muslim Scientists OF All Time.

Muslim scientists and inventors included Arabs,Persians & Turks were probably hundred of years ahead of their counterparts in the European Middle Ages.They drew influence from Aristotelian philosphy & Neo-platonists,as well as Euclid,Archimedes,Ptolemy and others.The muslims made myriad discoveries and wrote innumerable number of books about  medicine,surgery,physics,chemistry,astrology,geometry and various other fields.

The most famous muslim scientists and inventors with their wonderful inventions are as follows:

1)Abu Nasr Al- Farabi (872-950)

He was a renowned philosopher and jurist who wrote in the fields of political philosophy,metaphysics,ethics and logic.He was also a scientist,cosmologist.mathematician and music scholar.He is  known as Alpharabius and is considered as the pre-eminent thinkers of the medieval era.


Al battani  was an Arab astronomer,astrologer and mathematician. and was known by his latin AlbategniusHe introduced a number of trignometric relations .His main achievements are:

-he cataloged 489 stars.

-he refined the existing values for the length of the year which he gave 365 days 5 hrs 46mins 24secs and of the the season

-hecalculated 54.5” per year for the precession of the equinoxes and obtained the value of 23 degrees 35′ for the inclination of the ecliptic


3)Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi:

He was a famous persian mathematician and is known as THE FATHER OF ALGEBRA.He greatly contributed to the advancements of mathematics,astronomy,astrology,geography and language as well.The algorithm in mathematics was his invention.his famous books includes:

-Hisab Al Hindi

-Al jama-Wat Tafri

-Kitab Al Amal bil Asturlab

-Kitab Ama of Asturlab

-kitab surat al ard

  4)Abu Ali al-Husyan ibn ‘Abd Allah ibn Al-Hasan ibn Ali ibn Sina

He was born in 980 CE  and persian polymath,who was documented as most of the brilliant minds of that age.He worked  on 450 projects out of which 240 were for medicine.The BOOK OF HEALING was his most important project that became a standard medical conduct at many universities of that era and was second hand until 16th century.His famous books are:

-Ash -Shfa

-An Najat



5) Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayyan (722-804)

He was a prominent polymath:a chemist,and alchemist,astronomer and astrologer,engineer,geographer,philospher and pharmacist and physician.He is known as Geber (the father of arab chemistry) for his influential works on alchemy and metallurgy

6) Al-Jazari(1136 CE-1206 CE)

Badi- az- zaman Abu iz ismail ar razzaz al jazari was a turk muslim polymath .He was a great scholar,inventor,artisan,artist,mechanical engineer and mathematician.He gained popularity from his work THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE OF INGENIOUS MECHANICAL DEVICES in 1206.

7)Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Kathir al-Farghani(800/805-870)

He was the greatest scientist of 9th century born in Baghdad.He had interest in the field of Ptolemy.In the west he was known as ALFARGHANUS.He was one of the famous muslims astronomer who was involved in the measurement of the diameter of the earth along with a team of scientists under the patronage of Al-Mamun and his successors in baghdad.In 856 he moved to cairo and was demised in 870.His famous books include.:Elements of Astronomy.

8)Abu Rayahan Al-Biruni(973-1048)

Al-biruni is regarded as one of the greatest scholars of the medieval islamic era and was well versed in physics,mathematics,astronomy and natural sciences.He was a historian,chronologist and linguist.
He was given the title of Father of Indology by the indians.He explained the problems of advanced trignometry and  was the first to discover that light travels faster than sound .Al biruni gave an understanding of Longitudes and latitudes.His famous books are:
  • Tahqiq Al-Hind
  • Qamun Al-Masudi
  • Asrar Al-Baqiya
  • Kitab Al-Saidana
  • Kitab Al-Saidana
  • Al-Tafhim

9) Ibn Al-Haytham(965AD-1040)


He is known by his latin name Alhacen or Alhazen.He was an arab scientist born in Basra(Iraq).His contributions to the field of Physics,Mathematics,Principles of optics,Phycology.Medicine and engineering are innumerable.He was givene the title of FATHER OF MODERN OPTICS.
He recognized gravity as power a theory which was later on developed by Isaac Newton.
his famous books are:
  • Uyunul Ariba Fi Tabaqaat il Atibba
  • Kitab AlManazir
  • On Twilight Phenomena
  • Mizanul Hikma
  • Configuration of the Universe

10)Abu Al -Fath Abd Al-Rehman Mansour Al Khazimi

He was also known as al khazimi ,born in Byzantine (Greece) in 900 AD.He was a muslim astronomer of greek ethnicity from Merv,then in the kharosan province of persia.Merv was famous for its scientific and literary achievements.He never worked to gain wealth and did not asked for a single Dinar for his contributions.
His best works include:
  • Balance of Wisdom
  • Treatise on Astronomical Wisdom
  • The Astronomical Tables for Sanjar