Go Swoon: Your Favourite Disney Characters Imagined In Real Life

A Finnish graphic designer has opened a radical new world for our imaginations.


Jirka Väätäinen is a 25-year-old graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia, and he has overwhelmed the web this week with his shocking imagination of what our most loved Disney characters may look like on the off chance that they were genuine individuals.




“I just haphazardly thought I’d dare myself and use Photoshop to investigate what the character of Ursula from ‘The Little Mermaid’ could look like, in actuality,” Väätäinen said. “Having grown up with these characters, the feeling of sentimentality made it such an interesting and a fun venture to investigate and go ahead with.”




While making his Disney-motivated pictures, Väätäinen said he attempted to make the characters seem “all the more genuine” while “remaining fairly consistent with the  idiosyncrasies in their unique features.”


“I have been predominantly occupied with character planning,” he stated, “and also the way individuals look and what shows up.”

Väätäinen, who studied Graphic Design at Arts University Bournemouth in the U.K., said he supposed the authenticity in the pictures has helped Disney fans get “amped up for these characters once more.”


“I think many individuals, similar to myself, have grown up with Disney and been intrigued and admired these characters,” he said. “A real looking face, will permit individuals to feel significantly more profoundly about these characters, consider them to be somebody more relatable.”


Väätäinen communicated his appreciation to fans for all their support and  announced that he’ll soon be adding more pictures soon to the project.

Meanwhile you can enjoy the artist’s impressions of  your favourite Disney characters imagined in real life in the pictures below.


Go drool over the hot princes and princesses!


















You can also visit his website for more mind blowing pictures!