GMAIL SCAM – Dont Open if this Message arrives in Your gmail inbox

According to Wordfence, Many of the Hackers are active now and pouring in a Scam where victims of the scam are targeted via an email to their Gmail account, which may include an attachment or image, and might even come from a contact or company they recognise.

This is a News Technique of Gmail Scam, When you will open the link, it opens a new tab with a page which closely resembles the real Gmail login page, and asks the user to sign in once more.However the gmail resemble page is actually a Same gmail looking portal for hackers to steal your email address and password information.

This Above screenshot tell you the Main thing, Check the URL Address of the Gmail.In this “data URI” (shown above), where a legitimate-looking web address is put in the domain name, So Guys Please Be Safe and Check URL in the Browser Everytime before logging in. Share this Article to make everyone Safe of this Scam.