Girls Were Hating On Momina ,Will Guys Be Now Envying This Chai Wala?

A picture clicked by one of the aspiring photographers Jiah Ali has taken the internet by storm due to the handsome Pathan Hunk in it.He with his suave personality has won the hearts of million girls over night which is pretty much evident by the tweets which are circulating regarding how girls are truely drooling over his blue eyes . A lot of guys are now feeling insecure from a Chai Wala named Arshad Khan who can be found at Itwar Bazaar in Peshawar.By some people this young chai wala is being compared to the famous Pakistani model Hasnain Lehri

IG account: Jiah Ali

IG account: Jiah Ali

While we thought that he only makes tea ,Arshad Khan is making Indians jealous too who are tweeting something like this about him.


DO NOT DARE mess with the Pakistani ladies or be ready to listen to their crisp answers in supporting this blue eyed lad.


And there is no one better then Pakistani ladies standing up to support the local beauty.


Pakistani men believe that Pakistani women now stand on the same verge of Tharkiness as they do.



Arshad  told the media sources that a lot of girls were walking in for ‘chai’ and that his business has thrived since the pictures went viral.So in keeping up with the chai trend we saw some other photoshopped pictures of famous celebrities coming in.14699705_10154741064838115_1519416647_n

Girls are trying to comfort the boys with such Chaiwaliyaan who are better looking then Arshad Khan.


Some girls will be very happy to hear this 😀


While most of us die in trying to be famous this chai wala was the face of todays news.

And in the end we have Momina bibi who is now enjoying her Naik (religious) mode.