Girl Releases Video of Waqar Zaka Teasing Her

Waqar Zaka has always been in the limelight for his daring opinions and bold actions. Whether it’s about running a dare competition or raising a voice for human rights. He plays a vital role in the social media. Recently a video of him went viral in which he was brutally beaten by a drunk man and his guards at 2 am.

In the video, he was beaten by unidentified men late night on Friday. The attacker kept accusing him of being Waqar Zaka, and how he did not like him. No matter if you like someone or not this inhuman act has no justification.

Waqar also registered a FIR against the attacker, claiming it was an attempt for murder.

However, the story has a twist in it. According to a source, the reason Zaka was assaulted because he was caught making a video of a girl at a local restaurant.  And this is where it got worse.

Here is a video that was released by the girl: