Get Your Food Served by Robots In This Pakistani Restaurant

A pizzeria in Multan has suddenly gained a lot of hype and attention due to their unique customer service. The unique thing about this restaurant is that you will find Robot waitresses serving food.

The robot has been created by the owner’s son who is an electrical engineering graduate from NUST, Islamabad.

The owner of said, “As soon as news spread out about the Robot waitress, there is a long queue of people who want to dine here.”

“The idea of making a robot was my son’s idea, to boost the business”.

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Syed Osama Aziz wants to make 4 more robots for the pizzeria, however, he does not want to reduce human labor as that would make them jobless. He also requests the government to come forward and help him in this project, as it would improve the competence level of the eatery industry.

The Robot is system to greet the customers, take the orders, serve the meal and return back to the counter.

The robot weighs 25kg and can carry approx of 5 kg food. It can also detect any hurdles and give ways on its way. Osama Aziz was inspired by the Chinese Technology of using robots so efficiently.

However, he still needs to make some technical changes to the robot. Osama Aziz is also getting offers from businessmen to boost his idea.