From Clerk To A Billionaire!!

Real estate Tycoon and a Billionaire Malik Riaz Hussain is one of the richest people in the country right now .63 years old Riaz  was born with a silver spoon in his mouth;however this statement is partially true for him.He was born in a wealthy family with a strong ancestor ship, but his fathers business collapsed which forced him to start working as an ordinary clerk in Islamabad at the age of 19.His educational background is still controversial but his close friends and the people who know him closely do rate him as the ultimate genius.Riaz  later worked as a low key contactor in the MILITARY ENGINEERING SERVICE (MES) for some time ,climbed up the ladder of success and became one of the biggest business magnates of Pakistan.Riaz recalls his past with  extremely painful memories and as the most difficult era of his life.The pains he suffered then included not having money for his daughters medical treatment,painting houses to his bread and paving roads .And this is one of the reasons which makes him generous and kind towards the poor.

In the late 1970s he took loan from his friend and started the business of building and contracting and after several years of struggle and hardwork it was in 1996 when Riaz got the contract to build a society of about 2,388 kanals and this contract gave birth to one of the advance and successful housing society known as the BAHRIA TOWN which is located in Islamabad .This housing scheme spans over an area of 45,000 square acres and is considered as the most luxurious  housing society in Pakistan and claims it to be the largest private development in Asia.Despite of Pakistans well publicized political and security issues ,people are signing deals for six-figure houses ,condos and apartments faster than they can be built.He has extended his Bahria town project to  Karachi,Rawalpindi,Lahore and Murree.Malik Riaz’s  original inspiration for the mega-community came from the pre-planned town of Reston ,Virginia;just outside Washington D.C.Materials and design inspiration has been imported from various countries of the world.

 “When I see America, when I see Britain, when I see Turkey, when I see Malaysia,” Malik Riaz says, “the only thing I think is, ‘Why not Pakistan?”

Riaz  has made significant contributions towards philantrophy,be it in constructing hospitals or houses.

Malik Riaz says“Everyone has a price and I pay it so my work doesnt stop”

During the span of building his empire Malik Riaz had to face various charges in several courts,including getting opponents murdered,fraud,land grabbing &enmities but he has since been relieved of several of the cases while some still remain pending.

According to some estimates the tycoons net worth is more or less $1.1 billion.Riaz attributes his success to his hard work and faith in Allah(almighty).