Five Unknown Facts About Pakistani Celebrities

All humans have strange traits, fetishes and eccentricities. However these qualities are magnified multiple times when you happen to be a celebrity. Here are some unknown facts about Pakistani celebrities divulged by a member of the industry who obviously wants to stay anonymous.

1. The Secret To Fahad Mustafa’s Good Looks

Wonder how Fahad Mustafa manages to look so cool and dashing despite being average in the looks department granted by nature? Well he has his own personal makeup artist and stylist who goes with him everywhere from Dubai to the sets of Jaago Pakistan Jaago to everywhere. In fact, this MUA is famous for turning average looking male models into Greek gods.


unknown fact about Fahad Mustafa


2. Ayeza Khan And Danish Taimoor: Oh So White!

Do you ever wonder when you look at Danish and Ayeza’ instagram that how can anyone’s skin be so flawless and fair? Well, the secret to their skin is whitening injections. Both these celebrities have gotten whitening injections from a renowned salon of a celebrity. The color of their daughter Hoorain proves this fact since she is not even as half as fair as her parents.

unknown fact about Ayza Khan Danish Taimoor

Source: wwweshowbuzzbizcom


3.Osman Khalid Butt: A Writer And A Poet

The famous Pakistani Orlando Bloom look alike is not only a great actor but also a great writer and poet. He is the co founder of Desi Writer’s Lounge (A forum for writing enthusiasts) and is also the poetry editor and the creative lead for their bi annual magazine PaperCuts.


Unknown Fact About Osman Khalid Butt


4. Fawad Khan Has An Obsession With Shoes

Fawad Khan has a penchant for buying expensive shoes and during the sets of Humsafar he frequently teased Sarmad Khoosat that his shoes should be given special focus in the scenes.

unknown fact about fawad khan


5. Female Celebrities fight over MUAs

We all know that how beautiful and classy these celebrities look have a lot to do with makeup. That is why several female celebrities frequently fight over who would do their makeup for a particular serial/show. Celebrity Esha Noor refused to work for a song unless her favourite MUA was hired to do her makeup.