The Antics Of These Five Pets Will Leave You Laughing

Pets are a man’s best friend and they are even better friends than humans. They are not thankless, do not leave you in times of need and if you treat them right, they will stay with you throughout your life. However sometimes they do things that leave you in stitches for example:

Dusty The Pet Thief Cat

Dusty is a snowshoe feline from California who picked up notoriety in 2011 because of his awesome demonstrations of theft. As indicated by his proprietor, after two years of adopting him he started to notice things he did not own showing up around his home in bizarre spots. They thought it was Dusty brining in those unwanted things and their suspicions were confirmed in the end by means of a movement activated night vision camera that caught Dusty bringing the things into their home at night. Up until February 2011, Dusty had stolen 16 Car Wash Mitts, 7 Sponges, 213 Dish Towels, 7 Wash Cloths and countless other items. He earned the epithet Klepto Kitty subsequent to bringing home more than 600 things from the homes he sneaked during the evening. His proprietors say his record burglary is eleven things in one spree. He has been gotten on camera conveying home a bra.
Dusty’s owner regularly updates the Facebook Page Dusty Klepto Kitty The REAL One  with all the items Dusty has brought back home.

The Pet Dog Who Was A Bar

A Korean dog owner once trained his dog to bring him a beer from the refrigerator. He tied a towel to door for him to open it, then showed him how to open the door with a towel, grab the bottle by the neck, and bring it to his chair in our living room. The dog quickly learned the technique and obliged his owner until he lived.

The Sulky Pet Tortoise

Andrea Borgois has a Russian tortoise named Rasputin. Whenever she lets him out to roam and explore around the living room he climbs into herlap and lifts his head up looking at her expectantly until she takes some time to rub under his chin and neck for a few minutes. Only then he climbs down and continues stomping around the room like a little tank. Rasputin is a cool little tort dude.

The Snitching Pet Parrot

A wedded man from Kuwait practically got imprisoned time after the family pet uncovered his unfaithfulness with the house maid. The man’s significant other more than once heard coy expressions from their pet parrot, which she hadn’t heard in their house for a long while. Her suspicions developed when the winged animal purportedly recognized their house keeper by name—which drove her to take their pet to the police and utilize it as proof of her husband’s infidelity . The anonymous lady, from Hawalli, reported her unfaithful spouse to cops, utilizing the winged animal as verification.

The wife had suspected for quite a long time that her companion was conning in light of the fact that she had found him acting apprehensively whenever she got back home early from work. If proved, the man can land in jail as Middle Eastern laws have severe punishment for infidelity.

The Smiley Horse

Cindi Michelle Iverson of USA says: “Smile! My 24 yr young stock horse lucky always has a cheesy smile for the camera.”