Five Easy Ways To Make Money Online Right From Your Home

The Internet has revolutionized not only the way we communicate but also the way we work. Now it’s easier than ever to stay at home and work. If you have a talent or a skill that someone is looking for then even stepping out of your home is not necessary if you know how to play your cards right.

Here are five different ways you can earn money online without even having to keep a single foot outside.


1. Content Writing


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There are several websites and blogs that feature content written by writers that are not on their regular payroll. Most of these websites and magazines have a contact us page with all the details provided. In case no information is given, you can contact the editors to ask whether they accept freelance pieces. Submit your work samples along with your query and if the editor likes it, it can get published and you can make some income. Also, these days all major news websites have a blog section where you can get your content published but most of these sites only pay the writer if the piece receives a certain number of hits and lands in their top blogs section. Additionally, you can also join and find freelance writing jobs there. These freelance writing jobs range from writing marketing material for fashion websites to academic writing.

Tribune  Ary News  The Friday Times Rozee.Pk

Here is a complete list of magazines in pakistan (You can do some Googling yourself to find more print and online magazines and websites in your expert writing area)


2. Blogging


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Do you know that the owner of the blog earns 4000 to 8000 dollars monthly by just running a blog? Although as a starter its nearly impossible to earn this much but blogging is certainly becoming a profitable way to make money. Find your niche, start a blog about it and if you write quality content there will be no shortage of followers. Then based on the number of clicks your blog get you can use Google Adsense to make money. Further, many brands start contacting successful bloggers to write paid content for them. But to follow this route, generating unique and interesting content that keeps the readers hooked is the key.

Some notable blogs are:

Propakistani (Telecom)
SiddySays (Fashion & Lifestyle)
Karachista ((Fashion & Lifestyle)
SalmaShaheenblog (Makeup)


3. Start a Business through a Facebook Page

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Are you good at handicrafts? Do you crochet? Can you make/design something at a market competitive price? Or think you can decorate a house, plan an event better than any of the big brands? Then come out of the closet of doing things for your relatives and advertise your services through a Facebook page. A Facebook page is very easy to set up and even easier to promote through their 3 or 5 dollar promotion packages. If you provide good services, your page can get good reviews in no time and you will have a business running without any major investment. There are online bakeries, event planners, shoe and clothing stores and everything you can imagine. If you have something to sell and cannot afford investment, Facebook is your best bet. Some successful online businesses are:

Flairs & Pleats (Clothing)
Stratford Street by Maryam (Shoes)
The Saucy Mistress (Dips & Sauces)
Sweet Poison (Bakery)
A n A Craft n (Jewellery)


4. Provide Your Services on a Freelancing Website


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There are several freelancing website like Upwork, Freelancers and Fiver where you can earn from the service you can provide. Whether its software development, content writing, web design or graphic design, you can create a portfolio and bid for projects. If you successfully manage to land a project, make sure you give your best to get a solid recommendation and move ahead in your freelancing career.


5. Start a Viral YouTube Channel


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How many you follow Zaid Ali, Rahim Pardesi or the late Qandeel Balcoh? No matter how infamous, at the end of the day they are our relaxation mechanisms after a tiring day at work/home. Do you have a good sense of humor, a good singing voice, are a pro at makeup or any other talent? Try making videos and uploading them on Youtube. Justin Bieber was discovered through Youtube videos. So can you! By linking your YouTube account to your Adsense account and monetizing your videos, you can start earning provided you manage to get a considerable number of viewers for your videos.

All these methods seem really easy to read but in fact like any other job they need hard work, dedication and perseverance. Also you need to be unique and different because there are several people already running successful blogs, YouTube Channels and Facebook Pages. But if think you can do it then sky is the limit as working online has no limitations or boundaries unlike the routine corporate jobs.