Find Out How Abrarul Haq Inspired Bohemia to Change His Life

Recently there have been news of US-based Pakistani rapper Bohemia struggling with smoking and alcohol.

And suddenly we see a turn of events for Bohemia to change his lifestyle. Ever wondered who was the driving force for such a motivating change?

None other than singer-turned-philanthropist Abrarul-Haq.

Both the singer have been currently working in Dubai, where the Abrar was able to influence Bohemia in such a short time. Bohemia took to Facebook to share his amazing journey and how his colleague inspired him to give up alcohol and smoking.

He posted these pictures on Facebook, saying that he has been alcohol-free since meeting Abrar.

The famous Punjabi rapper has collaborated with many Pakistani singers, like; Sajjad Ali as well as some international artists.

He also explained how all his songs are inspired by Urdu poetry and great poets, like; Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Mirza Ghalib.