Faryal Makhdoom’s Surprising Reaction to Amir Khan’s Leaked Video

After an explicit video of Amir Khan went viral it was easily predicted that wife, Faryal Makhdoom would face a backlashing strain in their relationship. The famous boxer was seen pleasuring himself in a Skype video call with a woman. He did not appear in front of the media to provide any justifications or clear his name from the rumored video. However, Faryal Makhdoom found a unique way to let the world know how her relationship has turned out after the revelation.

According to reports, Faryal was “absolutely disgusted” by her husband’s leaked sex tape which was published on a U.S porn site. However, we see in the above footage, a very happy Faryal standing alongside her husband. Reportedly this video was shot shortly after the couple’s marriage.

Her Snapchat video shut down all her critics, in which she showered love on her husband, family, and daughter.

We’re all surprised by the timings of the video. a few weeks ago, Amir Khan was caught in a crossfire between his wife and his family. Where both the parties did not miss a chance to ridicule the other. appearing on International TV interviews and playing dirty family politics.