This Faisalabadi guy does not only share looks with Ranveer Singh instead he has got some moves too.

The increase in the use of social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter ,Instagram has made it easier for people to find doppelgangers of celebrities or of themselves. Hammad Shoaib a 20 year old,an A’level student has been making waves on the internet for his resemblance with the current heartthrob of the Bollywood industry Ranveer Singh.

This is what you call “Dress to Impress”

From copying Ranveer’s beard swag to making the audience go crazy over his sexy dance moves this guy has made it to the news and is all set to face the real stardom which we believe will start with a great number of friend requests from the female fans.

Better than Ranveer I’d say

Without a doubt this gentleman is a much handsome looking version of Ranveer and the reports suggest that he is all set to enter the entertainment industry.While talking to the media Hammad said “Aside from being compared to Ranveer Singh, I get to be the crush of many, many girls” and he shows much excitement over this fact.


Hammad keeps his fans updated via his Instagram account by posting snippets from his daily life, and perfects those charming looks by following the latest fashion trends.

And so he apparently looks like Ranveer Singh 

Woah!! these moves can sweep any girl off her feet