The face behind the “Chai Wala” click- In conversation with Jiah Ali

The internet sensation “Chai Wala” who got recognition world wide within a span of few hours owes a major chunk of his success to the aspiring photographer Jiah Ali from Isloo. On a huge demand from the fans of Jiah and Arshad (chai wala) from around the globe Pendu Production brings this exclusive interview with the face behind the sensational click.

Photo Courtesy:- Jiah Ali FB account.

Photo Courtesy:- Jiah Ali FB account.

Q1:- Can you describe the kind of work you like to do?

Ans) I am a wedding/event freelance photographer by profession, but I enjoy street photography alot, because it is so spontaneous and natural to capture. Photography for me is capturing the perfect scene and situation that is presented, while the subject is at its most natural form. Hence why I love candid portraiture.

Q2:- Where and how did you came across this Chai Wala?

Ans) I saw him at a photowalk I attended, the photowalk was arranged by ministry of information and was called PurAzm photowalk, it took place at Itwar bazaar. That’s where I saw Arshad’s stall. I was attracted to the entire scene that presented itself to me, the perfect amount of sunlight the hustle and bustle of crowd around his stall, his concentration in his task, it was a combination of all these factors which led me to take his picture.

Q3:- Does it feel good to be known as the “Chai Wali Larki” who can make anyone go famous.

Ans) I have mixed feelings, I am happy that I was able to help the young lad, and I cannot take the entire credit myself. I just happened to be there at the right time to be able to take and share his picture, I was only the medium and I believe it was his luck that made him famous and of course Gods will.

Q4:- People would like to know how you stepped into the world of photography. And who was your inspiration?

Ans) I am a huge fan of Steve Mccurry, I have been following him since a very long time his photographs capture the essence of every person he shoots. And it is an honour to be compared to him and his portrait of the Afghan girl.

Q5:- People are interested in knowing what camera do you use?

Ans) I use a Nikon D5200

Q6:- How do you feel when you are not given credits for the picture you click? What’s your response, do you feel like claiming to the authorities regarding the violation of copy rights in Pakistan.

Ans) It does feel bad, but I kind of expect that, the laws in our country are not so strict regarding copy rights.

Q7:- How does it feel to be recognized all over the world?

Ans) One word… Surreal! Never have I ever imagined in a million years. But Alhamdulilah!

Q8:- What impact do you think would this success have on your photography career?

Ans) It certainly is my big break in photography, people now associate me with an image that went viral all over the world. That is something huge and will definitely have an impact on my future projects.

Q9:- How did your family responded to this success of yours?

Ans) They have been very supportive since the beginning, and they are proud of me!

Q10:- Your fans would like to know if you have been offered a role in any of the movies along Chai Wala?

Ans) Hahahaha NO, and even if I was offered a role I wouldn’t accept it, I’m more of a behind the camera person.

Q11:- How does it feel to be a part of bringing a life turning change in someone’s life?

Ans) It feels great, Arshad now has the opportunity to turn his life around, I only wish he stays on the right path, as people tend to exploit such people the most.

Q12:-Do you think that Pakistan has a lot more beauty hidden inside its isolated areas?

Ans) Pakistan has beauty all around, you just need to recognize it.

Q13:-What would be your message for the huge fan following by your Pendu fans?

Ans) ” You guys are awesome, the amount of love and support I have received has been amazing and it’s all because of you guys that me and Arshad are famous today! “