Cyber Crime In Pakistan

Cyber crime comprises of a network that is related to one another by technological means including ,cell phones internet,computer etc.It encompasses all the offences that are committed against a particular group ,race,ethnicity or over all society in general.Actions like hacking ,copyright infringement,breaking into someones elses private and confidential information and other crimes  may threaten a nations security and financial health.

Recently in Pakistan, National Assembly passed the cyber crime bill which has now been formulated into a law after it has been  agreed upon by the Senate and given confirmation by the president of Pakistan. After the approval of the cyber crime law the agencies like FIA feels that their role is not much of use and they are not sure whether they’ll be mandated to peruse cyber crime complaints in future or not.This comforts the users by allowing them the freedom of speech and to post anything without the right of being questioned by any of the agencies.

Some prominent voices which have been recognized or have been heard around the world includes NIGHAT DAAD ,an internet activist who is the founder of an NGO called “DIGITAL RIGHTS FOUNDATION” in 2012.She has been listed in the TIME MAGAZINE under the name of “Next Generations Leader” who will help Pakistani women fight against online harassment. She aims to counter gender-based harassment,governments mass surveillance and companies actions that impacts individual rights.Her foundation educates women on how to respond to online harassment which is also a form of cyber crime.


With increased use of the electronic devices like laptops,mobile,tabloids etc, it is important to know the ethics of using such means of mass communications to avoid ending up in trouble,here are some of the penalties which the Pakistan’s government will place if anyone doesn’t abide by the cyber rules:

  • Illegal access to anyone’s phone,laptop etc.It can put you behind the bars for 3 months or a fine of Rs:-50,00 imposed or both
  • Online harassment,vulgar,indecent communication can get you one year in prison or a fine of Rs:-1 MILLION or both
  • Spoofing can get you behind the bars for three years or a fine of Rs:-500,000 or both
  • Illegal issuance of SIM cards can get you in jail for a term of three years or a fine of Rs:-500,000 or both.

Since the law has passed it has made users worry free of any such punishments and any one can now openly express their take on things going around in life.