ComicCon Lahore is coming back with a Bang !!

ComicCon Lahore is the trademark Comic Convention held in Lahore, Pakistan, which not only unites the comics fan base but also aims to give several underground artists opportunities to show off their talents. The event specifically targets cosplay enthusiasts from all over Pakistan (who spend months designing their costumes) by giving them a creative platform to show off their work. Not only this, but ComicCon Lahore aspires to attract the gaming community by arranging gaming and trivia competitions. And that’s not all. The ComicCon Lahore team is always coming up newer and more thrilling ideas in order to make sure you have a great time there.Credits: ComicCon Lahore

All in all, ComicCon Lahore is a mind blowing and mesmerizing event with something for everyone that can lighten up your upcoming year and definitely give you something to look forward to next year.

March 19th 2016 marked the beginning of a journey that was most awaited by Lahoris since
the beginning of time. Hosted by a bunch of university students, ComicCon Lahore quickly became the hot topic of the month, as it became apparent that the city was ready for its first comic convention, well a proper one at least. With the premises being FAST NUCES Lahore, the first ever ComicCon Lahore turned out to be a huge success, with more than 350 people participating in the event. We had participants coming in from different schools, colleges, universities and even other cities. The extremely positive reception of the debut event inspired the managing team to keep climbing the ladder and take ComicCon Lahore to a new level each year.12525257_599303356888453_3927885557823639844_o

The ComicCon Lahore team consists of a group of university students in Lahore whose childhoods revolved around Batman posters,
Superman action figures and Marvel and DC comic books, so each and every one of them was fully invested in the event with complete passion and devotion. From FAST to LUMS, this group of students had fans from anime, comics, movies and TV series.

The team spent countless sleepless nights planning the event, with a very limited budget, and despite the disbelief of the people around them, they held their ground and planned an event that turned out to be one of the best in the history of FAST NU Lahore. With just a team of 5 regular university students, they managed to use their talents and bring out the best they could, with handling no less than 350 people!
From anime merchandise retailers like Supaa, and multi genre merchandise online stores like Digital Realm, to Comic Books brought by none other than Liberty Books from Mall of Lahore, there was no shortage of variety when it came to stalls.
Rising artist, Talha Idrees (Talha’s Art) also attended and showed off his amazing art, alongside guests like Pendu Production, Mangobaaz, and The Naked Tyrants, who are among the top Facebook sensations of Pakistan.
Due to their presence, ComicCon Lahore turned out to be a huge success among people of all ages. The Admins of Pendu Production, and Mangobaaz also served as judges of the Cosplay Competition, along with the Head of ComicCon Lahore Team.

The people who took part in ComicCon Lahore 2016 had an amazing time at the event, left extremely satisfied and stated that they would gladly participate again next year and for many years to come.
ComicCon Lahore is set to return in 2017 in collaboration with Nexus Events & PR.