Coke Studio Season 9 ended with Power Pack performance of two legends- Sabri-Rahat Duo

Coke Studio season 9 produced by Strings and Coca Cola and directed by six directors Noori, Shani Arshad, Jaffer Zaidi , Faakhir Mehmood , Shirz Upal and Shuja Haider. First time ever in the history of Coke Studio, this season was produced by six music directors.

The Coke Studio Season 9 premiered its first episode on 13 august 2016. It was composed of total 7 episodes, which went on air weekly every Saturday.

Like all seasons we had few expectations from this season too, it was a mixture of good and bad experiences and collaborations. Few tracks hit the hearts of the audiences and gained alot of appreciation like Afreen Afreen by Momina-Rahat and Aya Laariye by Meesha-Rufi but few failed to make an impression on the listeners.

Following is the list of the artists who performed in this season, including the music directors:

  1. Abida Perveen
  2. Ahmed Jahanzeb
  3. Ali Azmat
  4. Ali Sethi
  5. Amjad Sabri
  6. Asim Azhar
  7. Basit Ali
  8. Damia Farooq
  9. Faakhir
  10. Haroon
  11. Jabar Abbas
  12. Javed Bashir
  13. Junaid Khan
  14. Kashif Ali
  15. Masuma Anwar
  16. Mehwish Hayat
  17. Mohsin Abbas Rufi
  18. Naseebo Lal
  19. Natasha Khan
  20. Nirmal Roy
  21. Noori
  22. Noor Zehra
  23. Qurat Ul Ain Baloch
  24. Rafaqat Ali Khan
  25. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
  26. Rizwan Butt
  27. Rachael Viccaji
  28. Saieen Zahoor
  29. Sanam Marvi
  30. Sara Haider
  31. Shahzad Nawaz
  32. Shani Arshad
  33. Shilpa Rao
  34. Shiraz Uppal
  35. Shuja Haider
  36. Umair Jaswal
  37. Zebunnisa Bangash

In the final episode Coke Studio shared the soulful voice of the famous Qawal Amjad Sabri in collaboration with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The two Maestros closed the season with their mesmerizing performance.