Cheapest Chinese Mini Cars-Coming to Pakistan

The Mini Smart Car seems to be talk of the town because of it’s pocket friendly price and low maintenance. China is manufacturing these electrical cars known as Mini Smart Cars and then importing them to a Pakistani company NK Smart Cars. The car costs as low as a motorcycle and do not require any fuel or CNG.

According to Khurram Aftab, the sole genius and importer of these cars says,” i planned to bring the electric cars in Pakistan because they are environment and pocket friendly at the same time.These cars can be easily ridden on jam packed roads and do not need any oil change, fuel fill up, CNG  or filter change unlike other cars.”

The electric car is light in weight with a fiber glass roof and plastic polymer body. The car has a frame made of steel and an aluminium base. This car can easily adjust two people in it and has a baggage space at the back as well. There is a small fan fixed at the front of the car instead of a Air condition and one can not roll down the windows instead they can be slid side ways.

Electric Car carries a small lead acid battery and a motor of 60 V 1.1 Kw. A battery of 2.2 KW has been installed by the original manufacturers as well. You can travel up to 160 km once the batteries are charged and it takes almost four to seven hours to charge the batteries. One needs to replace the batteries after 500 charges.

Comparatively the size of tyres of this car is smaller then motorcycle but they hold a good grip on the road while driving. There is one wiper installed at the windscreen instead of two and there is a front and back suspension in the car.

There are no gears in the car only accelerator and brakes are given. This car could go up to 28 km/hr with 1.1 KW battery and 48 km/hr with 2.2 KW motor. If you will use the car daily and recharge the battery it will add 11000 to 18000 rupees to your monthly electricity bill.

The original price of this car is 60,000 rupees instead of 50,000.The price in bulk is 2000 $ to 2500$ in China but after 50% tax in Pakistan Prices will go up.

There are other companies as well who are trying to bring electrical cars in Pakistan but you can never say that they will be successful or not.

And you never know that electrical cars will be a success on roads or not? Only time can tell.