When Celebrities Go Wild Leaving Animals Behind

If you haven’t found your doppelganger as yet…..then you might be looking in the wrong place ,why not to try your luck in the Animal Kingdom?

These stars have found their perfect match and the similarities are striking.

Miley Cyrus slurping  like a Girraffe


When you get your re-bonding done and the resemblance to this dog is uncanny 


Our everyday reaction to food on the table 


Ron Perlman just copied this dogs hairstyle,but the dog still looks better


Hitler trying to hard on this catty,for it ain’t coming  back to daddy.

Happy Llama looks like Dalai Lama


When some loser asks you out for a date,and you start to question yourself as to “Where did I go wrong?”


When Barbar chops off your hair like a PRO but you end up looking like big BRO


When you find you long lost brother from another mother 


When you take YOLO to the next level

When people barks at you for being different-be it like a hot Dog