Buy Handgun that looks exactly like a Smartphone

This brilliant piece of invention is created by Minnesota-based manufacturer ideal conceal. This ideal conceal pistol, a 3.8 caliber handgun that disguises as a Smartphone. This unique phone will go on sale in the next few months and is expected to be sold illegally in Europe.

The solid double barrel pistol can hold two bullets and is available with complete laser sights. The pistol grip of the phone can be folded upwards to make the weapon look like a dubbed iPhone gun.

According to The Times, the manufacturer Ideal Conceal has already received 12,000 preorders for the pistol, which costs approximately $395. The shipping of the weapon will start in the first quarter of 2017.

Company Officials says; “This phone is a complete disguise to the eyes.  It can easily fit in the purse or back pocket, making it virtually undetectable. This gun fires high-velocity bullets and can be used with extreme speed.

With the increasing rate of street crimes, carrying a concealed pistol has become very necessary for citizens concerned about their safety.

The gun was originally scheduled to be launched in 2016 but due to delay in production in released in 2017.