These Brave Karachi Girls Beat The Guy In Public For Harassing.

Harassment,Eve-teasing and molestation in public have become a common habit among Pakistanis in public.However there are girls who are suppressed by these thugs and goons,thinking that in the end it is the girl who’s modesty will be questioned.But,these girls in Karachi have finally taken up a step towards these goons and we can’t be more proud of them.

So these girls namely Zoya and Zara posted the above video on snapchat depicting the incident which happened -with them on 14th February near Tariq Road Karachi.According to Zoya a guy grabbed her back(as said by herself by her ass) and she starting screaming and shouting.Without further due her sister Zara gallantly ran after the guy who inappropriately touched her sister.Zara further explained that after running behind the culprit till Riaz market I asked people to help me.And 20 people alongside Zara started beating the guy in public.