The boy who “Harassed” the girl at Atif Aslam’s Concert comes forward- Find out who is the real victim

Recently people praised Atif Aslam for his heroic act of saving the damsels in distress at his concert in Karachi. The incident immediately gained popularity both nationally and internationally. People on the internet missed no chance at showing their rage and disappointment over the scenario that spread like wildfire.

However, the story has now taken another twist. According to the accidental “villain”.  he is the actual victim. On the condition of staying anonymous, the boy, a student of IBA came forward and stated that he was a part of the security team at the event. ” My job was to make sure nobody crosses from the non-VIP section to the VIP section without a ticket”.

There were two girls accompanied by a guy, crossing over the non VIP section without a valid ticket. I confronted them and politely asked them to step back. that is when the girls starting screaming at me and scratching my face and neck with their nails. The guy with them also kicked and punched me. This is the part when Atif Aslam spotted us in the crowd.

Atif totally waivered me and asked his crew to rescue the girls. The whole mob started beating me for no apparent reason. They all thought I was molesting them when I was just trying to perform my job. Nobody ever listens to the man, they believe whatever the lady says, whether is true or false.