Beware! Fake Doctors in Pakistan!

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the highest level of corruption has come to light in the nobleest of professions in Pakistan: Medicine. The registrar PMDC, Dr. Ahmad Nadeem who was accused of issuing registrations to fake doctors and was arrested  from his residence in  Islamabad in 2013 has been acquitted by the court.

Dr. Ahmad Nadeem, Registrar PMDC Accused Of Issuing PMDC Registrations To Fake Doctors

Dr. Ahmad Nadeem had been charged with 19 FIRs based on various charges of corruption, abnormalities, misappropriation of assets in different plans and abuse of power. Nadeem Akbar had been working on the post of PM&DC Registrar from 2007 to 2013. He had also been accused of registering medical colleges that do not meet criteria defined by PMDC for medical colleges. In his tenure the number of registered medical colleges grew from 23 to an astounding 87. Fake specialists were additionally enlisted – those that couldn’t clear the PMDC exam.

As indicated by sources, Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Akbar had been supposedly included in issuance of fake certificates to non-qualified specialists and embezzling over Rs 100 million for each National Examination Board. Sources uncovered that the signatures of Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Akbar were additionally confirmed on counterfeit registration certificates through forensic reports.

The NAB Rawalpindi authorized inquiries against the ex-registrar and others allegedly involved in registering sub-standard medical and dental schools, issuance of counterfeit endorsements to fake specialists, corruption  in development of the PMDC Home office building and accumulation of advantages way beyond their fixed salaries. The registrar has been blamed for conning the PMDC in getting approval of 19 medical and dental universities on a single day.

Dr. Nadeem Akbar’s name was also placed on the ECL to ensure a smooth trial.

Beware! Fake Doctors in Pakistan! The Letter Ordering An Enquiry Against Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Akbar, Ex-Registrar PMDC

The Letter Ordering An Enquiry Against Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Akbar, Ex-Registrar PMDC (Dunya NEWS)


“I am Innocent”, Declares Dr. Ahmad Nadeem Akbar

The former registrar of the Pakistan Medical and Dental council (PMDC), Dr. Ahmad Nadeem Akbar, has firmly dismissed every one of the claims leveled against him and made it clear that the court has exonerated him from every one of these charges.

He says , “The previous regulatory of PMDC needed to clear its way by ousting me from the office to satisfy their own odious plans”.

While dismissing the accusations leveled against him he expressed that the charges were leveled against him when the committee of PMDC got disintegrated under the PMDC Act 2012 and a caretaker set-up was put in place for the interim period and authorities of that setup had sought to put themselves in positions of power.  When he opposed this unlawful occupation of the PMDC the concerned suspended him. According to him, various false cases in the NAB, the FIA and the Police were enrolled against him by Dr. Shaista Faisal and Dr Raja Amjad Mehmood under the support of Dr Asim Hussain and Dr Masood Hameed.

He said: “After my expulsion from the scene, Dr Asim Hussain and Dr Masood Hameed and different overseers got themselves chosen and Dr Raja Amjad Mahmood delegated himself as the Adviser at the PMDC and Dr Shaista Faisal turned into the Acting Registrar,” he included.

Beware! Fake Doctors in Pakistan!

Dr. Ahmad Nadeem Akbar expressed that the evidence and proofs against him were exhibited in the Islamabad High Court and after examination of the records it was announced that there was no body of evidence against him in the claims of fake registrations and the arguments against him had been made out of malevolence.

According to Dr Ahmad Nadeem Akbar as Registrar PMDC in 2010, he was the person who brought to light the PM&DC workers blameworthy of false registrations and this move against corruption earned him numerous foes.

He says after his efforts Pakistan accreditation gauges were pronounced equivalent to the models of the USA. He was also a member of the World Federation of Medical Education and a member of the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities, a member of the United States Federation of State Medical Boards and all Pakistani medical colleges were incorporated into the world catalog because of his own endeavors  thus he merited due regard instead of criticism.

It is to note that despite his claims neither the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has cleared Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Akbar from corruption cases nor had the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) finished its trial against him however the PM&DC is all set up to restore him as the registrar since his dismissal from the position in 2013 after the Islamabad High Court cleared him off charges.

This pathetic debacle reveals there are countless fake doctors practicing in the country of Pakistan and the government is silent on the subject.