Best Pakistani Artists In A Comic Role

It is said that a person is in born with a humorous and a satirical tone to his speech which can cheerup his audience without him making an effort for it.We have some notable people in the Pakistani industry who are specifically known for their ability to crack jokes by having a good sense of humour and which naturally comes to them.We have seen theirnhappy faces in multiple serials and now lets have a look at who they are:

Bushra Ansari

She is considered to be a golden legend when it comes to the world of comedy.She has been able to make her mark in comic gendre by enlightening her audience by performing characters like that of “Saima Chaudhry “in ‘Takay Ki Ayegi Baraat”,”Bijlee” in “Show Sha” and her character in “Udaari” is also an example of her exemplary performances.

Umer Sharif

Sharif who is well known as “The King Of Comedy” is a living legend in Pakistan.Whenever we hear his name we can automatically imagine the laughing fits that are going to follow his performance.


Hanif Raja

This man can not be forgotten when it comes to the art of making people laugh,we all know him for hosting the famous comedy show “Chup Chupa Kay“.He is not only known in Pakistan Hanif has been successful in gaining popularity across the border.

Ahmad Ali Butt

Pakistan rapper and a comedian who started his career as a singer and a rock music keyboardist in a band called “Entity Paradigm“, Ahmad has recently won 2 awards for his acting in a comic role for a Pakistani movie “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani“.To add to all this Ahmed is the son of late Zil-e-Huma (daughter of Madam Noor Jahan)


Hina Dilpazeer

How can we forget the versatile actress Hina Dilpazeer, she is best known for her role Momo in “Bulbulay” which became one of the most watched comedy dramas in Pakistan due to her performance. Other notable works include Mitthu in “Mithhu Aur Aapa”, Shakooran in “Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah”  and Saeeda in “Burns Road Ki Nilofar” for which she won Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role

Nabeel Zafar

Television actor,writer and director is best known for his acting in a sitcom called “Bulbulay” as well as “Honeymoon” and “Shadi Ka Laddu”