The Avengers get Kitty-fied with Hello-Kitty Makeovers And Sparkly Pink Costumes.

What has been seen can never be unseen.We are all so familiar with the onscreen action heroes and their instantly recognizable costumes that the slightest change in their garb would stand out like a sore thumb.

So take a deep breath and prepare for the alterations of two beloved franchises the comicbook/superhero industry and hello kitty.We’ve seen a good amount of artwork of heroes.comic book characters and Tv show characters get Disney-fied but now its the time for Hello-kitty to have her moment.

Tumbler users Dreamstore,legolass and Nerdwegian used their photoshop abilities to create this new superhero “Fall Fashion” look and the results are as follows.Lets have a look.

Gandalf The Pink

Taric-The Hello Kitty Thor

Captain Kitty-He’s hot no matter what he has on

Henry Cavill looks like Super kitty

Is it just me or does anyone also thinks that Loki looks better in Hello Kitty?

This isn’t a back alley,Kitty.Its war

Bat kitty is how I would like to be called


This doesn’t have to get any messier

Yeah he’s rocking it.

Falcon looks so Sassy!!


Omg the slurry back tattoo! Rock that hello kitty tramp stamp Hulk, you’ve got this!

Colson actually pulls this off like the host of Hunger GAMES.


Not part of the Avengers but still funny.

Not far from the original