Mehki Sheikh

The author is a self driven writer .Shes also a Philanthropist working with a local NGO and calls herself a bibliophile,a dreamer and an avid foodie.

Punjab To Curb Women Harassment Through Technology

The growing approach to communication technology and digital information has played a colossal role in the economic,social,financial and political development of our world today.The recognition of this significance of access to technology by the policy makers,has finally adapted in means to empower women and ensure their safety. In a recent development,Punjab Safe Cities Authority(PSCA) in collaboration with the Punjab Commission …

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PTCL lived up to its expectations by showing its customers the real winner of Mannequin Challenge.

One of the leading Telecommunication company of Pakistan PTCL faced a major collapse due to a mechanical error on Monday.While the major break down has effected many of its users, poor internet connection,disruption in landline services has also been reported in large parts of the country.People have  also complained  about a disarray in Ufone cellular service.This is how people have responded …

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A Peaceful Rally Organised By The Christian Community In The City Of Lights

The Pakistani Christian community is busy making provisions for Christmas. The preparations will reach their utmost at the eve of the Christmas. The colorful occasion can be seen celebrated with a lot of religious zeal and enthusiasm.Although Pakistani Christians are in minority,Christmas is a national holiday and is observed across the country as an occasion to celebrate.The Pictures below shows …

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23 Evidences That Confirm We’re Living In The Future

1)There’s an App which translates in real time  2)And a spoon meant to help those with disabilities Self-leveling robotic spoon for people with disabilities   3)There are highlighters that takes notes in real time. 4)Augmented reality games are a thing Augmented Wall Climbing Pong! 5)Bathrooms with smart glass that obscures the bathroom when you lock it exist       …

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Man Donates 90 Houses To Homeless On His Daughters Wedding.

Manoj Munot,a businessman from Aurangabad,Maharashtra,has set a precedent that inspires.This construction owner has recently built and donated 90 houses to the poor instead of spending lavishly on his daughters wedding. Munot had been planning to spend Rs70-80 lakhs on his daughter Shreya’s wedding but decided to give it for a larger cause.Apparently the grains and cloth trader realized that investing …

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