Atif Aslam Stopped his Performance during Concert to Scold Men Who Were Harassing Women

A few days ago, Atif Aslam and Abida Parfveen performed at a concert organized by IBA MUNIK at Moin Khan Stadium DHA Sports Club. The show started with Abida Parveen giving a extravagant performance followed by Atif Aslam and that is when the knight saved the day.

This incident proved why the Karachi Eat Festival has to apply a ‘Families Only’ policy. Here is a review of what happened at the concert as observed by one of the guests.


According to a few other visitors, the management was poor and there was no control over the crowd. Men and women passed from the same security check, assuming they worked.

In the middle of his performance, Atif noticed some boys harassing women in the front row. He immediately stopped the concert, escorted the girl on the stage and made sure that the girl was safe. He also scolded the men live during the concert.

here are few more experiences from the people who attended the concert: