It’s astonishing how Saudis are enjoying snow this season.

While many European countries are losing hope of having a snow covered white Christmas,Saudis on the other hand are enjoying and making most of the joyful snow which they believe is no less then a blessing.

This rare weather is definitely something to be captured using that DSLR 😀

When this ship of the desert enjoys its new sail on the gold snow

Authorities have issued advisories to drivers as they are not used to snow-covered roads.

The snow covered land is providing evolutionary adaptations to some species which might be beneficial for them in coping up with the day to day changing world climate.

Yallah HABIBI!! friends are the first people to get a hold of in such a chilling weather 🙂

These pictures pretty much sum up Saudias Ice Age

The people of Saudi have made sure that they make the most of this rare opportunity, by playing with snow and enjoying their time out with families.

When you and your car go out for a ride in snow 😛

Taking pictures during rain or in sun is too main stream, can you balance yourself like this?