Annoying Things Guys Do Which Irritate Girls

If you are a guy then at some point in your life you might have done things to impress your girl or may be someone elses ,without realizing that some of your actions might make you look like a total jerk,and it may completely turn the girl off.Let us shed some light on what pointless things some guys do to impress girls but the results are contrary to their expectation.

1-Acting like you’ve known her for ages (being tharki)

Keep it real boys,even girls do not get along that easily.Girls really like being treated with all the respect and modest behavior,the more you run after her  the more she will slip away from your hands,so give her some space and control your tharkiness 😀

2-Trying hard to look cool

I agree when they say “Dress to Impress” but everyone has got their own swag bro! if you put all your efforts and time in studying hard that can surely increase the chance of you becoming a millionaire someday and then girls will definitely be the ones trying to get a hold of you.Go with the flow and avoid looking like an odd one out.

3-Acting fake

This might get you through a college or university life but man you can not fake your self through out your life,your decisions do not need to be formulated about what people around you think.You do not need to put in tonnes of effort into someone who you are not


So to all the guys out their who think that “smoking“makes you look like a cool dude ,you all are badly mistaken.The only thing that it makes girls do is cough.

5-Texting all the time 

Texting is probably the most offending method of telling a girl off,we always wonder who is at the other end of your phone who is ready to waist all her time on your pointless talks.

6-Posting GYM selfies and statuses on Facebook

I believe most of the guys wont even consider their workout out to be complete without letting the world know how much effort they are putting in to look sexy.Honestly girls do not give a shit about how strenuous your workout is.

7-Burp and fart in public

Though most of the guys have enough courtesy to avoid exhaling their air out in the public but you guys surely do not hesitate at all while taking a burp and that even without a hint of shame.