Anime Cosplay takes place in Islamabad

Ok, Lets get this straight it’s true that there’s a dork hidden inside every person.. There isn’t a person who doesn’t like movies, comic books, anime and video games and what if I say that there was a perfect moment for some lucky dorks of Pakistan to live the books, games and anime in real life.. Don’t believe me? OK here’s the proof:

Firstly let’s make it clear what the dictionary says about the term ‘cosplay’; The practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga or anime is known as Cosplay.

On July 24th 2016 TheCarnival was held in Islamabad but what was so special about this event you may ask? It had cosplays by the Pakistan’s famous animation entertainment brand TwinCon and you could dress as your favorite anime, comic book, video games or even cartoon character..

It even had art competitions with great prizes, Music Concerts, bazaar and yummy food stalls..




Source: TwinCon Facebook

Source: TwinCon Facebook















Well let’s just pray this kind of events continue taking place in Pakistan and not just in Islamabad but in other cities too and if it does I’ll surely be the first one to buy the ticket..These kinds of events attract the youth of Pakistan and let them have fun with expressing themselves in a new and creative way..For once we anime lovers could have a chance to say that we are way better than everybody thinks us to be and that to without using words but by using our own creativity, fandoms and love for movies and video games.. Taking the example of TwinCon we can also say that now in Pakistan the youth is choosing their careers in what they love to do’ not seeing what society or other people wants them to be; It’s time to break the stereotypes people be what you are, what you want to be, be YOU because everybody else is taken for once accept that its perfect not to be Perfect.