Among $1m Global Award Nomiee Is Our Very Own Salima Begum From Pakistan

The “Global Teacher Award” is a 1 million dollar award for an exceptional teacher who made an eminent input to the profession.The United States Agency for International Development has acknowledged her contribution to their Teacher Education project, and she has also published a number of research articles.

Salima Begum is among the top 10 finalists chosen as a nominee for the “Global Teacher Prize” out of  20,000 applicants.Salima,belonging to a remote village-Oshikhandass of Gilgit-Baltistan has been working tirelessly in an elementary school since 1992 and has educated more than 7,000 teachers across Gilgit Baltistan and more than 8,000 across Pakistan.

According to one of Salima’s student “My parents brought me into the world but my teacher has lifted me up and  made me reach for the skies”

“My main challenge was girls’ education as in my region, the community believed that girls should be taught maximum till 5th grade and after that she should be married – I had to challenge this tradition. Along with teaching science as a head teacher, I had to do this as my personal goal” Salima Begum told The Nation

People were speculating Salima Begum to be in the top 3 finalist and this is what they tweeted:-

This is indeed a very proud moment for Pakistan where teachers like Salima Begum despite of having minimal resources was able to inspire millions through her courage, bravery and selfless efforts for uplifting the status of women through education .It is true how Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”.

Prince Harrry congratulated all the top 10 finalists including Salima Begum of Pakistan for their countless efforts in making world a better place:-