Here’s How Pakistani Artists are Uniting Together to Fight Terrorism

  • Recently a terrorist attack at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine in Sehwan left us all in terror and shock. An attack no one was expecting and had 85 killed and more than 300 injured, left us all heartbroken.

However, the people of Pakistan proved that they cannot be easily scared. The day after the attack the Dhammal began again, classical dancer and activist Sheema Kirmani performed at the Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine, responding to terrorism.

Following in the steps of Sheema Pakistani rapper Ali Gul Pir also took to his social media to announce that we will not back down and that He along with Sufi band Sounds of Kolachi will be performing at the shrine on the 25th of February.

Further discussing the blast, Ali said; “My village is near the shrine. My cousin was nearby that time, after hearing the blast he went there immediately and helped as many people he could. He told me about the disaster and it led me to think what can artists do to respond to such acts.”

We are glad to see Pakistani artists coming forward and making an impact. Music is a universal language, it is the language of love and peace. And this collaboration with Sufi band Sounds of Kolachi and Coke Studio’s Abdul Aziz Kazi we plan to spread the sound of love and harmony.