ALERT:Pakistan Will Not See Spring Season In The Near Future!!

According to Islamabad Met Office,not just Islamabad but the spring season across Pakistan will not be seen.

The Met office at Islamabad has issued a warning about the levels of pollution harming the countrys climatic and seasonal changes.The rising global temperatures might cause Pakistans most looked forward season of the year,spring to end completely.The month of March has just started and Islamabad is already facing temperatures to upto 25 degrees celsius.

“0.8°C temperature never increased in the past whole century but now it has happened in a year; spring season is suffering the most from this increasing temperature conditions,” said DG Met Office Dr Ghulam Rasool.

Moreover this will adversely affect the ecosystem and agricultural pattern of Pakistan.More droughts and failed crops are to be expected in the coming years.The country is also expected to run out of water by 2025 due to climatic changes and excessive deforestation.