8 Youtube Hacks That Will Make Video Streaming Easy For You

Youtube has become a prominent part of our daily lives. Watching tutorials, music videos, news and what not, video streaming has become a very useful and informative part.

Here are 8 helpful hacks that will make Youtube more easy and sufficient for you.

Download a Youtube Audio

Downloading an audio from different hosts can be very hectic. Well not anymore.

Simply type “youtube” with “listentoyoutube” in the URL to download the audio.

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Download a Youtube Video

Simply type “ssyoutube” in the place of youtube in the URL and download your video from anywhere in the world without any payment.

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Bypass the Age Restriction

No need to use any proxy or fake accounts when this easy hack is available and you can watch a video that is restricted for your age.

Simply type “nsfwyoutube” in place of youtube and you’re good to go.

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Block Youtube Advertisements

We know how annoying those ads can be, that is why we found this amazing hack for you

Type “youtubeskip” instead of “youtube” and you can enjoy your videos free from any ad.

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Play Videos On Loop

Replace “youtube” with “listenonrepeat” and watch your videos without being interrupted.

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Avoid Country Restrictions

Here’s how you can avoid the country restrictions that some of the videos on youtube have;


Copy the “xxx” and paste it so that your URL looks like this:


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Play your Videos in a Sequence

This hack is perfect if you watch a lot of videos on youtube

Add “&list=UL” to any video and it will play a  playlist containing all the video uploads by the uploader, in chronological order.

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Turn Video into a GIF

This is one of the best hacks for all memes lover out there

Just replace “youtube” with “gifyoutube”

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